OCTOBER.17.2016     Official Selection 
2016 Paragon International Film Festival 
APRIL.18.2016     Official Selection 
2016 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 

DECEMBER.1.2015     Official Selection 
2015 Blow-Up Chicago International           Arthouse Film Festival 

      NOV.9.2015 Screening at Big Apple Film Festival  
The Cast (left to right): Lyndsey Wurch, Ryan Bess Winnick, 
Sean Shannon, Alison Burke, Kalen Marie
OCTOBER.12.2015     Invisible Ink premieres Friday, Nov 6 in NYC at the 12th Annual Big Apple Film Festival!  

JUNE.25.2015  Dialogue Editing and Sound Mix at 20th Century Fox Studios Australia...
JUNE.1.2015  Cast and Crew screen rough cut at NYC's Anthology Film Archives! 
From left to right: Daniel Seth Pagel (cinematographer),  David Linton (Minkoff), Ryan Bess Winnick (Janice), Sean Shannon (Chester), Alison Burke (Tess), Lyndsey Wurch (Saxony), Meredith Binder (Audrey Moskowitz), Ozzie Frankel (Max Moskowitz), David Wayne Fox (Papadopolous) & Nate Neal (writer-director)

Director Nate Neal checks the sound and visual before introducing 
the movie.  That's Kalen Marie (Elzie) up on the big screen...
teaser edited from the rough cut--image corrections and sound mix still pending!